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With the advent of technology in our lives, we now consider reading times to be a drab activity and avoid it as much as possible. However, when you do so remember that not only are you depriving yourself of a wonderful activity but also your kids of reading times that they would grow up cherishing. Are you looking for tips that would make your reading times super fun? Read on:

1. Make it interesting.

Reading out a story is not the same as reading out a newspaper to yourself. You are the clown. Your kids would look up to you since it is your story. Have fun – present it fully clothes and watch them mark it as one of their favourites.

2. Practice the art of story reading.

You must be able to cheer your kids when you narrate a story and we know it isn’t your forte. So, you have no choice but to diligently practice story telling. Lock yourself in a room and practice reading out stories. Do it in the loo. Do you hear your voice echoing? That would be great. Imagine you are the hero and the world’s is looking at you – make funny faces and practice story telling. When you finally do it in front of your kids, look at how much they (and you) enjoy it!

3. Be clear.

Don’t mumble and swallow important words into your mouth. It is okay if you scream a bit but don’t frighten your kids either. When you speak clearly, and make sure you sound out every syllable clearly, your kids would understand the story and learn to pronounce the words better.


4. Get involved.

Become one with the character. Build an imaginary world. Make the characters come out. Your kids would love story time spent with you.


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